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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Address to the Country


Mar 20, 2020
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to the country | PM मोदी का देश के नाम सन्देश
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the country yesterday evening once again proved that the country is in the hands of a rich man of strong leadership. It is due to his leadership that India is being praised all over the world.

The World Health Organization and the United Nations have praised India and said that India has done a very good job on coronaviruses in terms of population as large as the country.

You will remember that a few days ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi took another step and had a meeting through video conferencing of the SAARC countries, and appealed to formulate a strategy to fight the coronavirus together, in which all the SAARC countries also the Prime Minister Was called a true leader.

PM Narendra Modi said in his speech yesterday evening that we need to be patient while working with determination and restraint, instead of worrying, worrying.

PM Narendra Modi in his address appealed to the country to act with resolve and restraint, under which he said that on the coming 22 March Sunday, also called for a 1-day public curfew during which from 7 am to 9 pm Till the people appealed not to come out of the house, as well as people who have been engaged in our service day and night due to this epidemic for the last 2 months, whether it be doctors, nurses, cleaning work Be it Chari, Policeman or any other work, I have also urged the countrymen to thank them all for 5 minutes on March 22 at 5:00 pm, and it becomes our duty also because that day The nights are serving people in this pandemic without flowing their lives.

What is the public curfew

Janata curfew is a curfew imposed by the public on its own.

Some of the main things of Janata curfew –

1- Janata curfew will be held from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sunday, 22 March.

2- Do not leave the houses from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and do not even see if anyone else has left.

3- Friday and Saturday before March 22, inform your relatives about it. Tell us what the public curfew is.

9 big things about PM Modi’s address –

 1 – Indians should be aware, be alert, do not leave the houses if it is not necessary.

2 – Avoid panic and rumors Do not spread panic Do not go to a crowded place Follow social distancing.

3 – appealed to the elderly aged 60 to 65 not to leave the house, said stay at home.

4 – Follow the Janata curfew from 7am to 9pm on Sunday, March 22, and motivate others to follow Wish.

5 – PM Modi has given an assurance that there will be no shortage of food items in the coming time, so avoid panic buying and collecting, which you buy for your home in the routine, shop the same way.

6 – Narendra Modi appealed to the business world and the high-income group not to deduct the salary of their employees.

7 – Sunday, March 22 at 5:00 pm with 5 minutes of thanks to all Corona Volunteers.

8 – COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force under the leadership of the Finance Minister has also requested to take necessary decisions.

9 – Avoid going to the hospital for a routine check-up, so that surgery is not necessary.

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